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Yiante... pronounced (Yun-Tay) is a band formed in Newcastle Australian in the 1994..

Yiante was formed by Ian Sandercoe in February 1994. In April a band was gathered to record songs written primarily by Ian Sandercoe and financed by Newcastle businessman David Payne. In October 1994 the collection was titled Yiante.

November 1994 Robert Parde arrived in NSW Australia to do pre-recording work on the songs prior to recording the album Bloodfire at Karmick Hit Studio Drummoyne, produced by Ian Sandercoe and Rob Parde and engineered by Tim Powell. Bloodfire was recorded over six days. In early 1995 the album was widely distributed to radio stations and record companies by Australian promoter and manager Stephen Price.

February 1995 the band began rehearsal for live performances. March 1995 the artwork for the Bloodfire cd was produced by Chris Totterman. In 1995 Yiante recorded at Ramrod Studios and 48 volt Studios with David Henderson.

Members of Yiante include: Ian Sandercoe with Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthew, Craig Lancaster, Tony Heaney and Paul Elliot. David Carter replaced Bobby Sox, Craig Lancaster left Yiante prior to a support for Merrill Bainbridge, speedily replaced on the day by Newcastle drummer Chris Lowe. Paul Elliot was replaced by Ngariki, Tony Heaney was replaced by Josh Callaway and Steve 'Mac' Mclennan played drums in Yiante in August 1997.

Yiante performed at: The Castle, Fanny's, Delany Hotel, The Cambridge Hotel, SJ's On Beaumont, Acoustic Cafe, Hunter Mission Sleepout, Hiroshima Day Newcastle Civic Park, Mattara 1995, Newcastle University, The Star Hotel, World Music Day 1997, Ethnic Community Festival Hamilton, Street Fest Newcastle Grand Final, Newcastle Workers Club, Casbah Hotel and Three Weeds Balmain, Bar Broadway, Shoal Bay Country Club and more.

Yiante has performed with Deborah Conway, Jenny Morris, Tall Tales and True, Silverchair, Merril Bainbridge, Armi, Loving Helena, Silent Scream, Maree Hawker, Boom Crash Opera and Steve Gibson.

The album titled Yiante Bloodfire made its way to London, and was used as pre-show music for Dein Perry's Tap Dogs. Eventually featuring in the Australian feature film Bootmen.

Effectively the band Yiante dissolved following the recording for Bootmen, with David Carter, Paul Elliot and Craig Lancaster forming a covers band and Ian Sandercoe moved to Victoria to pursue solo and theatrical works.